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Heather M. Griffith, M.Ed, Ed.S Board Licensed School Psychologist, Autism and ADHD Evaluator, PACE Consulting CEO
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Heather M. Griffith

M.Ed. Ed.S Board Licensed School Psychologist


Heather M. Griffith, a school psychologist independently licensed by the Ohio Board of Psychology with nearly two decades of experience in providing psychoeducational evaluations, founded PACE Consulting as a means to give back to the community through her personalized approach. Heather's dedication to helping others was deeply influenced by her experiences growing up caring for with an Aunt who had Downs Syndrome. Although her beloved Aunt has since passed away, the impact she had on Heather's life and her journey as a psychologist remains profound. Through this close relationship, Heather learned the importance of compassion, patience, and advocacy.

At PACE Consulting, Heather's mission is to provide empower and inform all individuals, and she offers her expertise to assist clients in the most effective way possible. Whether you or a loved one is seeking guidance for managing ADHD, navigating the complexities of autism, or addressing learning disabilities such as dyslexia, PACE Consulting provides comprehensive services designed to foster transformative growth and well-being tailored to each individual's unique needs.

Heather's genuine care for her clients and her commitment to their success set her apart. Her diverse life experiences allow her to connect with clients on a deeper level, meeting them where they are and providing support and understanding. PACE Consulting recognizes that every person is unique, and these differences contribute to making the world a better place. With this knowledge at the forefront, PACE makes it their highest priority to ensure that every individual feels cared for, worthy, and capable of achieving success.

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Discover the transformative services PACE Consulting offers by exploring the links below. Each service is designed to empower individuals and families, providing the support and guidance needed to overcome challenges, foster personal growth, and lead fulfilling lives.

PACE Consulting ADHD Testing


PACE Consulting Autism Testing


PACE Consulting Learning Disability Testing

Learning Disabilities

We invite you to take a deeper look at how PACE Consulting can assist you on your journey towards well-being and success.

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Empowering neurodiversity for organic success.

PACE Consulting Values

At PACE Consulting, the core belief is that an individual's unique challenges and disabilities should never limit their potential for success. By taking a holistic approach and providing patience, understanding, and effective communication, PACE supports each person's distinct journey. Celebrating the exceptional strengths of every individual, PACE works closely with clients to help them gain a deeper understanding of their disabilities and unique abilities. By working with, rather than against, their challenges, individuals can unlock the key to success and thrive. PACE's passion lies in creating an inclusive, supportive environment where everyone can discover their path to achievement, guided by the belief that with a comprehensive approach addressing the whole person, anyone can overcome obstacles and reach their goals.



"I've rarely ever felt more listened to and understood with Heather. I'm so grateful that she takes Medicaid to give others a chance in finding out what's going on in their brain. Her whole office is so cozy and smells good. It was also easy to find. Heather pays so much attention and it's the best feeling."

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